Labor of Love | Part 2 : Massage, Hands-on Support, Acupressure

(This class can only be taken in combination with Labor of Love, Part 1)

In this class, we will take dive more deeply into the experience of birth for all family members.

Spend time coming to understand and prepare for the second stage of labor (pushing and birth) and deepen labor support skills with hands-on labor support methods including counter-pressure, acupressure, and labor massage.

Below you will find a sample class meditation audio recording as well as a video about Choices In Birth that we encourage families to watch as early in pregnancy as possible. (This topic is explored in more depth in the Informed Choices workshop.)

Open Circle offers prenatal massage as well as postpartum massage with baby in Providence, Rhode Island

Can’t thank you enough for your classes on labor/delivery. I was able to deliver him lying down on my side. Your pushing info along laboring techniques all came in very handy. [Our doctor] said we had done our homework!

A.+M. G.

South County


  • The Raft and The Waves (partnership breath exercise)
  • The Second Stage of Labor (pushing and birth)
    • Understanding the pushing stage
    • Pushing awareness (sensory exercise)
  • Deepening Labor Support Skills
    • Counter pressure techniques (hands-on exercises)
      • Double Hip Squeeze
      • Sacral Pressure
      • Lift and Tuck
    • Acupressure (hands-on exercise)
  • Massage for Labor (hands on exercise)
  • Envisioning Your Birth (partner exercise)

•Schedule four 30 minute practice session times with your birth support before your 38th week of pregnancy. 
•Practice 1: Labor Massage
•Practice 2: Acupressure
•Practice 3: Manual Support
•Practice 4: Pushing in a Variety of Positions
•Find a time to share your birth visions with one another


Class Resources


COST $65/birth team ($10-$65 IBP)

Step by step instructions can be found here:
Class Registration Instructions


“After the birth of my daughter, it was a very stressful time and I endured a significant amount of back pain for about a month. I could barely get in and out of bed. However, after Kaeli’s therapeutic massage I felt almost immediately better! It was absolutely amazing. After about one week, I could do everything without pain. She worked thoroughly with attention to every detail to insure I was always comfortable and at a peaceful place during the massage.” -SS, Providence Thank you for the work you’ve done in helping me with my shoulder and arm during these last few weeks of pregnancy. This shoulder issue has bothered me for many years, and I’ve been in and out of therapy, massage, and chiropractic care to help it. Although there has been some success in the past, the work that you have done has been different — I often felt that practitioners had a standard “script” that they were following and it didn’t really get to the root of my problem. However, the work you have done each time has been very unique to me and the issues that I’m experiencing. The difference is noticeable in the relief I’ve had after our sessions. Thank you! It has really made a difference! –G.M. Providence  
“Massage has really done wonders with our little [boy]. He is so much more comfortable with his body. He loves being changed now, and his digestion is less problematic.” -CZ, Providence “Kaeli’s Thai Yoga Massages are the most invigorating, relaxing and energizing massage experience I’ve ever had, and I’ve tried many. Little aches and stiff points seem to evaporate, I feel two inches taller, and the muscular surrender that is part of the massage experience carries over into a feeling of intense surcease that lingers long after. Wonderful!” -RF, Providence