Pregnancy + Birth

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“We have a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong.”
~ Laura Stavoe

I strongly believe that doing prenatal yoga at Open Circle helped me stay strong and pain-free through my pregnancy, and recover more quickly after delivery. I learned so much from my teacher, whose knowledge of anatomy is incredibly detailed, about how the body changes in pregnancy and during delivery. I relied on laboring positions and breathing I learned in prenatal yoga during my labor. Open Circle provides a wonderful and welcoming atmosphere for moms both before and after pregnancy!

A.S., mother and MD, Providence

Pregnancy is a time of great change. Your body, relationships and identity will be transforming as your baby grows inside you. This can be exciting and wonderful, or scary and overwhelming. Many times, it is all of this at once!

Open Circle offers Pregnancy + Birth Education, Yoga + Fitness, Doula Support and Infant Development + Parenting Consultations to support and empower the whole you—body, heart and mind.

While with us, support your physical and emotional health, explore your options in medical and community support, and share time and experiences with other pregnant parents and families.

©Lisa Gendron | Agroterra Birth

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Yoga & Fitness

Expectant mothers explore the changes their bodies are undergoing, and prepare for the brilliant and intense experience of childbirth and mothering. Prenatal yoga classes and dance classes focus on providing physical and energetic during pregnancy, and help prepare for labor.

Prenatal Massage

Therapeutic prenatal massage specially focused on relaxation and stress relief, as well as decreasing the common discomforts of pregnancy, helping prepare the body for labor, and supporting faster healing after labor.

Childbirth Education

Explore the journey of birth and prepare for your newborn’s arrival with our childbirth education. Learn through experiential exercises, mindfulness practices and theory. Discover how to be empowered in your choices and experience, while letting go to the uncontrollable nature of birth and parenting.