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Group 5-week Infant Massage Series

Group 5-Week Series
When: January 2024; exact dates TBD
Price: $150
Ages: 4 weeks to crawling

Meeting once a week over five weeks, you will learn to give your baby a full body massage to support their health and build connection. You will massage your own baby while the instructor demonstrates on a doll. There are many benefits from infant massage for both babies and their parents, including lowering of stress hormones + bonding, as well as supported sleep, digestion and weight gain for the baby. Special sequences + techniques to support babies with colic or digestive issues and those with special needs or sensitivities will also be covered.

 Each series explores topics including:

  • the benefits of infant massage including bonding + attachment
  • touch to decrease stress + anxiety for both parent’s + babies
  • learning your baby’s cues 
  • massage to support sleep

  • helping babies with digestive challenges

  • helping sensitive babies find comfort

  • supporting your baby’s movement development

  • understanding infant behaviors + awareness states

* Adult vaccination is required for all  group parent + baby classes.
Help keep the babies healthy by not attending if anyone in your family has been ill or had any symptoms of illness in the past 24 hours.

Private 60-min. Infant Massage Appointments

Private 60 Minutes Appointments
Income-Based Pricing $30-100
By Appointment

Ages:  2 weeks – 1 year

Learn how to massage your baby to support their health and development. 

60 minute sessions offer time to discuss your goals, learn more about your baby, practice massage and benefit from the relaxation and stress relief that it offers you as well as your baby. During each class you will massage your own baby while your teacher demonstrates on a doll.

The benefits of infant massage are vast, both for your baby and for you. They include: lowered stress hormones, sleep support, digestive help, increased weight gain, soothing sensitive babies, healing from challenging births, and supporting cognitive, language and physical growth for your baby. All this for the baby while supporting your own improved mental health, decreasing stress + anxiety, and building confidence in parenting.