Infant Development Movement Education 

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What is Infant Developmental Movement Education?

IDME is a gentle and detailed approach to working with babies and their parents. It uses relationship, touch, movement + play, to support development, resilience and agency.

Grounded in the study of developmental embryology, neurology, relationships, psychology + somatic practices, IDME is supportive for babies who are developing with ease, as well as those experiencing challenges or developmental differences. Rather than assessing through a lens of illness or pathology, IDME is oriented to witness each parent and baby within their unique wholeness and capacity.

IDME was developed through the collaboration of Body-Mind Centering Founder Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Leore Grubinger and Sandra Jamrog. Kaeli Sutton is certified by the School for Body-Mind Centering and trained by Amy Matthews + Sarah Barnaby from Babies Project, and Satu Palokangas.  

Group Infant Discovery Sessions
Infant Developmental Movement Education

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Sundays 11:15am-12:45pm
Where: 84 Fountain Street in Pawtucket 
Cost: $25/drop-in, $110 5-Class Pass, $200 10-Class Pass
Ages:    4-weeks through Early Walking and 1-2 parents/caretakers

Come support your baby’s curiosity, growth and development, all while share discoveries and challenges with a group of other parents.

Classes begin with a check-in and discussion about infant development or family well-being. We might: 

  • Talk about creating spaces in your home to support your baby’s learning
  • Explore tummy time, sidelying and ways of holding your baby to support their development
  • Brainstorm how to meet your own needs in addition to your baby’s needs
  • Learn how responding to your baby’s cycles can help you and your baby have happier days and sleepier nights

Following group discussion, we spend time observing what the babies are teaching us about their growth and learning ways to support them. Each meeting opens or closes with a movement or meditation practice to nourish your hard-working parent body-mind.

We expect babies to be babies!  Fussing or crying (either of you!), feeding, pooping, sleeping, arriving late or needing to leave early. . . .are all expected and welcomed! This is a time and space to be in community just as you are.

* Adult vaccination + masking required for parent + baby group classes.
Please help keep the babies safe + healthy by not coming to class if anyone in your family has been ill or had any symptoms of illness in the past 24 hours (sneezing, coughing, fever, vomiting, GI upset, unexplained rashes).

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Private Appointments :
Infant Developmental Movement Education

60-120 minute sessions available by appointment
Sessions can take place in your home or the office in East Providence.

When setting up your appointment, please share your questions and goals for our time together. We will collaborate, using your knowledge of your own baby with guided observation, touch and movement as we play and learn together.

All topics are welcome, including:

  • How to hold + carry your baby to support comfort + development (recommended during pregnancy and the first 4 weeks)
  • Head preference, torticollis or physical patterns which appear “stuck” or overly dominant
  • Easing gas, constipation, excessive spitting up + general fussiness
  • Supporting sleep and daily rhythms
  • Tummy-time, side-lying and back-time for strength + coordination
  • Help your baby learn to safely change levels + positions + fall safely
  • Help “sensitive” or easily over-stimulated babies find greater comfort
  • Address breastfeeding challenges related to position or poor latch
  • Address questions or worries about development or parenting

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