Doula Care for Families with Infants

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Doula Care with Kaeli Sutton
60-120 minute Self-pay and insurance-based pricing options

Do you wish you had someone you could call who would listen carefully, be compassionate and non-judgmental, and help you learn more about your baby and parenting? That’s what we’re here for! Sessions provide a time for you to share excitements, worries and questions about your baby + parenting.

Together we will explore your baby’s growth and development, your needs and the needs of other children or family members. We will working on how you can feel resourced grow confidence as a parent.

Specialized care is available for parents of infants with medical conditions, illness or trauma histories, and to support the birth parent’s healing and return to physical activity. 

Focused on Your Parenting Questions + Goals During Your Baby’s First Year


  • Growing Confidence as a Parent
  • Touch + Holding Skills for Development
  • Feeding Support
  • Inside a Newborn’s World
  • Baby Soothing Skills
  • Is My Baby Overstimulated?
  • What is My Baby Telling Me?
  • Should My Baby Sleep All Night?
  • Is Sleep Training for Us?
  • Can I Spoil My Baby?
  • Are Milestones Important?
  • Does He Need Stimulation to Learn?
  • Do I Need to Teach Her to Roll, Crawl, Walk. . . ?
  • Why Does My Baby Always Want to Be Held?
  • And more. . .

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