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“To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow.”   ~ Maya Angelou

Now, through Parent and Baby classes, I’ve found exactly the kind of emotional and physical support that I need to care for my baby without losing my sanity. Every time I leave the class I feel so encouraged by the confident reassurances that what we are all going through is normal, often difficult, and always magical.

J.C., Providence, RI

Our Newborn + Breastfeeding Workshops, Infant Developmental Movement Education, Parent + Baby Classes, Infant Massage + Doula Support provide time for you and your baby to receive respectful and knowledgeable support.

Life for parents of babies is intense! Discovering who our babies are and what they need, and learning who we are as parents is both joyful and exciting, but also exhausting and overwhelming.

You may delight in your miraculous baby’s soft skin one moment, and the very next wonder if you will ever understand them or get to do something for yourself again. You are not alone!

Here at Open Circle, in connection with other families, discover that challenge, curiosity and exploration are all part of growth and empowerment.

Learn more about what Open Circle Values for Little + Big Babies (all of us) here.



Open Circle postpartum services, including postpartum doula, postnatal massage therapy, mom and baby yoga, and more.

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Infant Discovery Sessions + Developmental Movement Education

Group Infant Discovery Sessions (75 min)
RSVP please – space is limited
When: Saturdays in January + February from 10:45-12pm 
Cost: $5-$20 by donation 
Ages:    4-weeks through Early Walking; 

Each group meeting begins with a community discussion on a “developmental theme.” We might talk about creating a physical environment to support your baby’s natural drive to grow and learn, or explore how your baby’s dependance on you is an essential ingredient of building confidence + independence. More themes.

Then we’ll take time to observe what the babies are teaching us about their growth, and to chat about experiences and questions. We might practice how we hold our babies, engage in play with them, or explore the world from their perspective. Each session closes with a mindfulness-based movement sequence to nourish your hard-working parent body and mind. *Adult vaccination + masking is required for group classes.

As with all of our baby offerings, when at the center, you + your baby are encouraged to “do your thing” cuddling, fussing (either of you!), feeding, playing, sleeping, etc. This is a time and space to be together in community, simply as we are. 

Private Infant Developmental Movement Education 
Is available by appointment. During our time together we will explore how through observation, touch holding and play we can learn from your baby’s resilience and innate curiosity to support their developing body and brain as they grow. Explore topics here.

Infant Developmental Movement Education



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* Help keep the babies safe + healthy by not attending if anyone in your family has been ill or had symptoms of illness in the past 24 hours.

What is Infant Developmental Movement Education, or “IDME?”

In the first year of life, infants are developing the framework of movement, perception, mental processing, identity and relationships that will underly all of their future growth and development.

Created by Body-Mind Centering Founder Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, in collaboration with other skilled practitioners, IDME is a gentle and detailed approach to working with babies through relationship, touch, movement and play with the goal of supporting their development, resilience and self-agency.

Grounded in embryologic, neurologic, psychologic and relationship and somatic sciences, IDME is baby-guided, and inquiry-based. Supportive for babies who are developing with ease, and those experiencing physiologic or neurologic challenges, IDME is oriented toward recognizing the relative health + capacity of each unique baby — seeing them in their wholeness, rather than through the lens of illness or pathology.




Doula Care For Families With Infants

Doula Care (60-120 min)
By Appointment;
Self-pay and insurance-based pricing options

Ever wish you had someone you could call who would listen carefully, be compassionate and non-judgmental, and help you learn more about your baby and parenting? That’s what we’re here for! Sessions provide a time for you to share excitements, worries and questions about your baby + parenting.

Together we will explore your baby’s growth and development, your own needs and the needs of other children or family members, and how you can feel more resourced and confident as you parent.

Specialized doula care is available for parents of infants with medical conditions, illness or trauma histories, and to support birth parent’s healing and return to physical activity. Learn more here.


Focused on Your Parenting
Questions + Goals
During Your Baby’s First Year

•Touch + Holding Skills
•Feeding Support
•Inside a Newborn’s World
•Soothing Strategies
•Is My Baby Overstimulated?
•What is My Baby Telling Me?
•Should My Baby Sleep All Night?
•Is Sleep Training for Us?
•Can I Spoil My Baby?
•Are Milestones Important?
•Does He Need Stimulation to Learn?
•Do I Need to Teach Her to Roll, Crawl, Walk. . . ?
•Why Does My Baby Always Want to Be Held? And more. . .

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Infant Massage Classes 

60 Minutes; Income-Based Pricing $30-100
By Appointment

Ages:  2 weeks – 1 year

Learn how to massage your baby to support their health and development, and help you bond. 60 minute sessions offer time to discuss your goals, learn more about your baby, practice massage and benefit from the relaxation and stress relief that it offers you as well as your baby. You will massage your own baby while your teacher demonstrates on a doll.

The benefits of infant massage are vast, both for the baby and parent’s or caretakers. These include lowered stress hormones for the whole family, improved mental health, increased parenting confidence, and for your baby,  sleep and digestive supports, decreased fussiness, and facilitation of cognitive, relational and physical growth.


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—  Parent + Baby Services  —

Open Circle provides mom and baby yoga and other fitness courses in Providence, Rhode Island.

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Group classes

Classes provide parents (or caregivers) a relaxed space to connect with their babies and other parents, while learning about themselves and their babies. Infant Discovery Sessions, Parent + Baby Yoga, Infant Massage and more. . . 

Doula + Private Sessions

Private consultations with families to support infant care + development, parenting confidence + skills, whole family adjustment, sleep support, navigating medical systems, boundaries and support from family + friends, and more. . . 

Newborn Education

Join other expecting families to prepare for life with a new baby. In childbirth education, you’ll learn self-care practices + how to understand newborn needs + development to help you care for your baby, yourself and your family.