The Nursling – Breastfeeding + Bonding

Many parents are given strong messages about the importance of breastfeeding for baby’s health. They hear about breastmilk as the “perfect nutrition.” Some expect it to be natural + easy. Others have heard it can be terribly challenging. Still others feel pressured to try, but uncomfortable + uneasy about the thought.

Not many of us are told that it is a joint effort between us, our body and our baby — a partner dance. Like any new skill, it can take time + effort to learn and often takes support from the whole family!

Join us for a class exploring the benefits of breastfeeding for both baby and feeding parent. Learn how to get breastfeeding off to a good start in the early days + months, and discover tools + resources for adapting to challenges + rough patches along the way.  Be reminded that each infant feeding journey is different, and that supports exist for nourishing our baby when breastfeeding needs time or isn’t possible. 

Plan to exclusively pump? Formula feed? Ask us for referrals to resources + local lactation supports.   

newborn breastfeeding

©Lisa Gendron | Agroterra Birth


Teaching Hiatus

Thank you for visiting Open Circle and your interest in our center. We are currently on an extended teaching hiatus.

While away from teaching, we are preparing a self-paced version of our unique, experiential-based childbirth and parenting education courses.

For parent + baby services in the community, we invite you to visit our local resources page to explore supports from local providers with a range of specialties. For prenatal yoga, please visit Full Radiance Yoga. Additional educational supports can be found on our YouTube page and Series Resources page.

Over the past 20 years, we have been nourished and had our work deepened through sharing time with each of you. It has been an honor to witness new birth and community between families grow.

As we enter our own process of gestation, transformation and eventual re-birth, we would love to continue to support thriving connection. Let us know about your family’s adventures, share reflections on your experiences at the center, and reach out for contact information of other families you met while at Open Circle.* Let’s connect!

*shared only with express permission


Breastfeeding is a Partner Dance
(movement exercise)

The Early Primary Supports

  • The Magical Hour(s) After Birth
  •  Skin to Skin is Everything
  • The Breast Crawl
  • Healing + Rest
  • Family + Friend Support
  • Accessing Professional Support

The Benefits of Breastfeeding

Understanding Milk Production

  •  Structure + Flow
  • Lactation Hormones
  • You and Baby: the Perfect Team

Latching at the Breast: the Magic Key

Breastfeeding Positions (practice)

Baby’s Hunger Cues + Feeding Patterns (video)

How to Tell if Baby is Getting Enough

  • diapers/output
  • infant behaviors
  • cycles + timing
  • weight gain

Magical Breast Massage for Comfort + Supply

Addressing Common Challenges

  • Nipple Pain
  • Engorgement
  • Blocked Ducts
  • Mastitis

The Importance of Community + Professional Feeding Supports (explore resources)

breastfeeding baby reaching up to mother's mouth

©Lisa Gendron | Agroterra Birth

Classes helpd my husband + I felt expertly prepared, despite having little knowledge of babies or birth beforehand. . . These in-depth sessions gave us a head start on everything from managing labor, to figuring out how our household would function in the newborn weeks, to a super enlightening breastfeeding primer. When we questioned the time commitment — busy work schedules, made it tricky — we quickly agreed that each class gave us so much new knowledge, it was important to see them through. It was an incredible resource! 




My husband and I both found the birthing class extremely helpful. Kaeli has a wonderful gift of gently delivering empowering information that helped us feel more connected in our own unique pregnancy, birth and post birth experience. Birth may unfold in many different ways. My husband and I felt prepared emotionally as well as through gaining valuable information.

The class covered important detailed information about what to expect during the birthing process that was not covered by our healthcare providers. The information also helped us identify and communicate what each of our needs were throughout the birthing process and post birth. 

–D + T, Barrington