2a. Labor of Love: Movement and Partner Support for Birth (part 1)

How can movement help a baby be born? Does kneeling really open the pelvis wider than lying down? How on earth does a baby fit!? Can you stand while pushing the baby out? How can you use movement if you’ve had an epidural? And how can support people be most helpful and engaged in birth?

In this duel-focus class, learn how movement helps our body and baby’s body find their best fit; support sensation coping; and increase endurance and confidence.

Then delve into partner support tools, practicing how to be sensitive to a laboring person’s needs and how to offer physical and emotional supports.  Together discover the powerful connection that is built between birth partners as they breathe and move together.

Below you will find a sample class meditation audio recording as well as a video about Choices In Birth (coming soon) that we encourage families to watch as early in pregnancy as possible. (This topic is explored in depth in the Informed Choices workshop.

pregnant woman lying on her side while her male partner is sitting behind her massaging her back.

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The Awareness Scan (birth meditation)

Why Move in Birth (group discussion)

  • Baby positioning
  • Baby descent
  • Uterine Function
  • Comfort (physical and emotional)
  • Supporting endurance
  • Heightening likelihood of Vaginal Delivery, whether planning medicated or unmedicated birth

Supporting the Laboring Parent: Tools for Birth Support

  • Feeling the Breath (partner exercise)
  • Understanding the laboring person’s experience and needs
  • Reading and adapting to the signals of a laboring parent (group discussion)

Practicing Movement for Labor

  • Dance, baby dance: move those hips!
  • Forward leaning
  • Side-lunging/asymmetric poses
  • Squatting
  • Pushing + Birth
  • Movement for parents choosing epidurals

Pacing Yourself in Labor: What to Do When

*The Birth Education Resource Page links to instructional videos on hands-on manual supports techniques, acupressure, fetal positioning + more.

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©Lisa Gendron | Agroterra Birth

Kaeli is an amazing instructor! Her kindness and patience helped me so much during my pregnancy! I’ve learned a lot during the 7-Week Comprehensive Series, from understanding birth, to newborn care and postpartum. Her classes empowered me and gave me confidence! What I appreciated most about her teaching style was the fact that she used evidence-based and real-life examples during the class. Also, my husband and I loved the opportunity to meet other couples expecting a baby, just like us.


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