4b. Informed Choices: Medical Interventions, Procedures, and Cesareans (part 2)

In part 2 of the Informed Choices Class* learn about Common Medical Interventions + Procedures in birth. Through role-play exercises, practice informed consent and refusal and family advocacy. Discuss strategies for adapting to the unexpected in birth and reducing experiences of trauma. 

See syllabus below for a complete list of class topics.

*May only be taken in combination with Informed Choices part 1.:


  • Trusting Our Truth (exercise)
  • Common Procedures + Interventions
    • Induction and Augmentation
    • Pharmacological Pain Relief
    • Monitoring in Labor
    • IV Fluids; Eating and Drinking in Labor
    • Assisted Deliveries (vacuum and forceps supported births)
    • Vaginal / Cervical Exams
    • Manual perineal massage and episiotomies
    • perineal repair after birth
  • Cesarean Births
    • What to expect
    • Protecting your birth experience
    • Gentle/Family Centered Cesareans
  • Practicing Consent + Refusal (exercise)
  • Trauma Awareness in Birth
    • Creating Strategies for Known Triggers
    • Learning our signals:
           fight, flight + freeze
  • Honoring Our Journey (exercise)
Class Homework
  • Continue working on your birth plan / preferences document
  • Review the Supporting Family Advocacy worksheet
  • Review “Strategies for Specific Triggers of Anxiety in Childbirth” worksheet
  • Choose a meditation from your workbook or Open Circle YouTube that helps you feel centered or relaxed to practice 2x this week
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As you know, I was somewhat terrified of having a c-section. You helped us create the space and time that both I and my family needed to feel more comfortable with the unexpected need to have one.

I + C



Extremely thoughtful and insightful offerings that give parents the knowledge and confidence to feel empowered in all the stages surrounding birth. Deeply grateful my husband and I enrolled in the 9 week Birth Education series. 
-M., Providence

My husband and I took two online courses in preparation for the upcoming birth of our child. We learned more than we could have imagined, and found both thoroughly enjoyable. Even though we couldn’t be there in person, we still felt like we were right there with the instructor through discussions and activities.
-S., Providence