4b. Informed Choices: Medical Interventions, Procedures, and Cesareans (part 2)

In part 2 of the Informed Choices Class* families learn about Common Medical Interventions + Procedures in birth and Cesarean Sections. Learning more about these tools, and exploring your preferences in birth can support having more agency and felling less stress or fear. Families are encouraged to bring questions, to class, and together we role-play to practice informed consent + refusal in real-life scenarios. This exploration can help with adapting to the unexpected in birth and reducing the experience of trauma.

See our resources page for more information on procedures and interventions, their impacts on you and their role in birth.

*May only be taken in combination with Informed Choices part 1.


Teaching Hiatus

Thank you for visiting Open Circle and your interest in our center. We are currently on an extended teaching hiatus.

While away from teaching, we are preparing a self-paced version of our unique, experiential-based childbirth and parenting education courses.

For parent + baby services in the community, we invite you to visit our local resources page to explore supports from local providers with a range of specialties. For prenatal yoga, please visit Full Radiance Yoga. Additional educational supports can be found on our YouTube page and Series Resources page.

Over the past 20 years, we have been nourished and had our work deepened through sharing time with each of you. It has been an honor to witness new birth and community between families grow.

As we enter our own process of gestation, transformation and eventual re-birth, we would love to continue to support thriving connection. Let us know about your family’s adventures, share reflections on your experiences at the center, and reach out for contact information of other families you met while at Open Circle.* Let’s connect!

*shared only with express permission

newborn baby on chest of mother while male partner is kissing mother's cheek

©Lisa Gendron | Agroterra Birth


Trusting Our Truth (exercise)

Common Procedures + Interventions

  • Induction and Augmentation
  • Pharmacological Pain Relief
  • Monitoring in Labor
  • IV Fluids; Eating and Drinking in Labor
  • Assisted Deliveries (vacuum + forceps)
  • Vaginal / Cervical Exams
  • Manual Perineal Massage + Episiotomies
  • Perineal Repair after Birth

Cesarean Births

  • The Process
  • Getting to know the World of the OR
  • Gentle/Family Centered Cesareans
  • Healing + Help After a Cesarean

Practicing Consent + Refusal (exercise)

Trauma Awareness in Birth

  • Creating Strategies for Known Triggers
  • Learning our personal SOS signals:
    -fight, flight + freeze
    -signaling for help
    -re-establishing safety

Honoring Our Unique Path (exercise)

hospital room

©Susie Finnerty

As you know, I was somewhat terrified of having a c-section. You helped us create the space and time that both I and my family needed to feel more comfortable with the unexpected need to have one.

I + C



Extremely thoughtful and insightful offerings that give parents the knowledge and confidence to feel empowered in all the stages surrounding birth. Deeply grateful my husband and I enrolled in the 9 week Birth Education series. 
-M., Providence

My husband and I took two online courses in preparation for the upcoming birth of our child. We learned more than we could have imagined, and found both thoroughly enjoyable. Even though we couldn’t be there in person, we still felt like we were right there with the instructor through discussions and activities.
-S., Providence