From In to Out: Understanding Birth

Traveling to the “land of birth” is like parachuting into an unknown universe. It can be magical and the adventure of a lifetime. It can also be overwhelming and strange. Often, it is all of these, and so much more.

Understanding how birth works and baby voyages from “in” to “out” is an important part of working toward a healthy and empowered experience.

Through lecture, experiential exercises and group discussion, discover the key forces impacting your birth. Learn how trusting your sense of safety and the wisdom of your body supports the process of birth and can guide you in key decisions.  Explore the special roles of the baby, birth parent + support person as you learn the stages of the labor journey, and how you can work together to support birth.

Below you will find a sample class meditation audio recording as well as a family sharing their experience in class.

©Lisa Gendron | Agroterra Birth


The Awareness Scan (birth meditation)

Do I Control or Surrender? (exercise)

The Power of LOVE + SAFETY (exercise)

  • Supporting the hormones of Labor
  • Understanding the role of birth support
  • Sense of Safety as a Guide for Decisions

Breathing for Birth

  • Understanding Breath as a Labor Tool
  • Belly Breathing (exercise)

The Transforming Body

  • The Changing Structures of Birth

The Labor Process

  • Pre-labor and Early Labor
  • Active Labor
  • Transition
  • Pushing + Birth
  • Delivery of the Placenta
  • Recognizing Preterm Labor
  • When to call your Practitioner/Go to the Hospital

The Mental + Emotional Journey of Birth (exercise + meditation)

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© Lisa Gendron | Agroterra Birth

Kaeli was an extraordinary guide through our intense journey of pregnancy, birth, and the early postpartum period. She worked with us as a a childbirth educator, doula, a prenatal yoga teacher, and a massage therapist. Her support was all encompassing– physical, emotional, and spiritual, really. I can’t imagine having navigated the wild and unpredictable waters of this transition without her and am deeply grateful for her tender presence, loving expertise, warm humor, and compassionate spirit. She is an absolute gem– one who I just can’t recommend highly enough to any woman or couple expecting their first, or fifth, baby.
E + D.



When women I care for have done their childbirth preparation with Kaeli,
they come to their labor feeling strong + ready for the challenge of birthing.
I highly recommend Kaeli Sutton and Open Circle!   –
Cindy Siegel, CNM

It was a long birthing process (60 hours!), difficult but beautiful. Our classes with you certainly helped us immensely during the journey. Looking forward to classes at Open Circle with our baby, now! – F, Providence