A Baby! Now What?! – Newborn Care

Our newborn can seem like a tiny, strange creature from another planet. She may not look or act the way we expected, and often seems a random mash-up of confusing wiggles, cries, jerks, staring, sleeping and suckling episodes. Who is this little person? And what, on earth, are we to do with him?

Join other families to explore these fascinating and strong little beings. Learn that instead of being random and impossible to understand, your baby is actually highly organized and communicative. As we begin to know the journey he has made from the womb to your arms, and the ways he engages with the world, we can more confidently and effectively respond to his needs. As we understand her better, and trust ourselves more, we discover a calmer and healthier baby and more joy in the process of parenting.

Please Note:
This class does not cover breastfeeding / infant feeding in detail. See The Nursling: Breastfeeding + Bonding

Explore a sample class meditation audio recording and Newborn Care Resources.

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Breathing With Baby (meditation exercise)

Naming + Planning for Our Own Needs

The 6 Key Newborn Needs Supporting:
Physical + Movement Development

  • Mental Development
  • Language Development
  • Social/Relational Development

All About Newborns (video)

  • Newborn Appearance
  • Newborn Procedures + Tests
  • Infant “Awareness States”

Sleep Patterns + Family Sleep Plan

  • Safe Sleep Recommendations
  • Understanding Normal Newborn Sleep
  • Working with Infant Cycles +
    Awareness States for Better Sleep

Newborn Cues + Communication

A Newborn’s Transition – Womb to Room (group exercise)

Infant Soothing

  • Creating a Bridge from the Womb:
    pressure, sound, position, movement, smell
  • Is Self-Soothing “A Thing” for a Newborn?

Parenting Independent + Caring Children

  • Can we spoil a baby?
  • What Builds Resilience and Capacity?

Baby Puzzle: Holding Your Newborn (exercise)


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©Lisa Gendron | Agroterra Birth

I am basking in this baby and his babbling and his growth and often find myself coming back to some advice you gave me… to just be here for this as none of it will come again. Thank you for that sage sage advice. It has shaped my attitude these past months and has meant that I have really been relishing this time.