We understand that many families have been significantly financially impacted by the COVID-19 CRISIS. If you will be applying for income-and-resource based pricing, please provide details of the impact in the application.

In order to respect that families have different incomes and resources, we offer four different payment tiers for all services at the center. If you would like to apply for income and resource based pricing, please continue to read the text below. If you do not plan to apply, please scroll down to Chart A, below, and view Tier 4 pricing to determine your class and services fees.

For those applying, how much you pay for a class or service will depend on your family’s income and resources (savings, investments, retirement plans and home equity), as well as your specific circumstances. Income for anyone contributing to household living expenses is considered.

There are four different payment tiers.  To learn which tier your family would be in, please complete the application process. Instructions can be found in the expandable boxes to the right of this section. Please read all three boxes. You can also call or email us for a 15 minute phone interview to determine your family’s payment tier or with questions.

Chart A (below) will help you understand the costs for services in each tier. Chart B will help you explore out which tier your family’s income may qualify you for (after a review of income and resources by our team).

Learn more about why we offer Income-Based Pricing.

Finding a place that I could comfortably afford was wonderful! Being pregnant comes with many adjustments both physically and emotionally. I’ve utilized the prenatal massage a couple of times and it’s absolutely amazing. The time and dedication does not lessen because you’re utilizing the tiered payment. I’ve always felt comfortable and treated with the utmost respect!

KG, Providence

1. Application Process

The process to apply is quite simple.

If you need help, please call and we will be happy to help you over the phone or to set up an in-person appointment. If you have paystubs or taxes ready, the application usually takes 15 minutes. You may also mail or email your documentation in and we will get back to you within one week with your payment tier.

  • For families applying for tiers 1-3: Complete our Reduced Rate Application. Before beginning to use our services, we will also ask to see a copy of your last year’s income tax return or 4 consecutive pay stubs (for all people contributing to household costs) to verify your income and resources.
  • We understand that many families have been significantly financially impacted by the COVID-19 CRISIS. If you will be applying for income-and-resource based pricing, please provide details of the impact in your application.
  • For tier 4, no documentation is required.
2. Please Read Before Submitting Application
Income + Resource Based Pricing
Open Circle services provide families with wholistic health care and education that can support healthy lifestyle, birth and parenting choices.
The addition of a child to a family is a major life transition – it’s significance cannot be understated for its impact on every family member, now and into the family’s future. For this reason, we believe that support during this time should be given high priority in a family’s budget planning.
We ask families to carefully consider the level of financial support they may need. Please ask only for what is truly inaccessible after prioritizing the services being provided. Our ability to provide these services to families of varied financial means depends on each family paying for as much as they are able.
We are not currently funded by grants or philanthropic donations. Our reduced rate pricing comes directly out of organizational commitment to acknowledging and addressing unequal access to care for many Americans, as well as the donation of time and services by all of our practitioners.
When evaluating whether a family qualifies for Income + Resource Based Pricing, we consider both a household’s income (this includes the income of anyone working in the home and/or partnering in the care of the baby and mother) and resources (these include: home ownership, savings, retirement funds, trust funds, etc).
For families who do not qualify for our Income + Resource Based Pricing, we recognize that specific life circumstances (university study, moves, job transitions, fertility treatments and unforeseen expenses) can impact the ability to pay. These circumstances will be considered in your application and we may be able to offer reductions. When we are not able to offer you reduced rate pricing, we are often able to provide payment plans over a 3, 6 or 12 month period to support access to our services. Over the years, we have also heard many creative ways that families have raised money for birth and postpartum services, and we include some of those creative solutions under the Creative Funding tab.
Open Circle is committed to acknowledging and addressing inequalities in American culture that impact infant, mother, and family health. These disparities encompass wealth, access to medical care and community resources, and equal and just treatment. The founding of this country through colonialism, hundreds of years of structural racism, and the effects of corporate interests / financial focus on government policy and cultural values, created and continue to stand at the root of these modern day inequalities.
If you would like to learn more about any of these topics and their direct impact on mother, baby and family health, we welcome you into the discussion. We are happy to provide resources to learn more and become active within our local community.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, and we hope you will join us on the path of creating greater equality and justice in our communities and country.
3. Don’t qualify? Look at these creative funding ideas!
For Funding Prenatal and Postpartum Education, Wellness Services and Medical Supports Not Covered by Insurance

1. Baby Shower and Registry Requests
In spite of all the gifts we often receive for a baby shower, babies have very few material needs. More than anything else, they need healthy parents to care for them. Ask your friends to support your healthy transition into parenthood by adding items such as wellness services (acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, physical therapy), doula support, educational classes, homebirth midwifery, healthy postpartum meals, etc. to your registry.

2. Goods to Barter?
Perhaps you, your family or friends produce goods that could be bartered for services.

3. Silent Auctions | Fundraising
Individual or business donations of goods to sell online or at events are often effective fundraisers.

4. Baby Support Dinner Parties
Host (or have a friend host) a small dinner for friends. Invite each friend to bring one service or product to sell. Ask each friend to purchase one service/product, and donate the money “to the health of the new family.”

5. Direct Asks
Ask friends and family directly for donations to support your growing family.

6. Other ideas that have worked for you?
Please email and let us know so we can share with other families!


Unlimited Online Membership

Unlimited Live Access to the following classes:
Prenatal Yoga
Parent + Little Baby Yoga
Parent + Big Baby Yoga
Parent + Little Child Yoga
Inner Body Yoga
Yoga Nidra

Terms of Service:
Month-to-month membership.
No Cancelation Fee (ability to cancel online anytime)
Monthly Automatic Payment – Credit Card required for purchase.
Memberships are non-transferable. Streaming information is not to be shared.

Income-Based, Crisis-Based Pricing available. Read more in expanding boxes above. 


Video Library Membership (coming soon)
Unlimited Access to pre-recorded videos of past live session classes* including:

Access to Open Circle’s Video Library
Prenatal Yoga
Parent + Little Baby Yoga
Parent + Big Baby Yoga
Parent + Little Child Yoga
Inner Body Yoga
Yoga Nidra

Terms of Service:
Month-to-month membership.
No Cancelation Fee.
Monthly Automatic Payment – Credit Card required for purchase.
Memberships are non-transferable. Streaming information is not to be shared.


ServiceTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4
Educational Classes
7-week Birthing Series$50$125$225$300*
3-hour Childbirth Education Workshop$10$20$45$60
5-week Infant Massage Series$25$50$85$125
2.5 hour Private Childbirth Educationn/an/an/a$140
* $350 when registered 30 days in advance.
Yoga & Fitness Classes
Individual Online Class$0$5$15$20
Unlimited Online Monthly Pass*$25$40$55$70
Monthly Pre-Recorded Unlimited Access$5$15$30$50
* Monthly Unlimited online weekly yoga + fitness classes can be canceled at any time.
Individual Studio Class$2$5$10$16
Individual Studio Parent + Baby Class$2$5$12$18
10-class card (3 month expiration)*$20$45$100$140
20-class card (3 month expiration)*$40$95$200$240
6-week Series$20$30$60$96
8-week Series$30$40$80$125
Monthly Studio Unlimited Membership**n/an/an/a$80
** 6 month auto-pay contract. Unlimited weekly yoga + fitness classes and 10% off all bodywork and education workshops.
Massage Therapy | Thai Massage
60 Minute Massage$35$45$80$100
90 Minute Massage$50$75$105$130
120 Minute Thai Massagen/an/an/a$165
5-week Infant Massage Series$25$50$85$125
Private Infant Massage Class$20$30$40$50
Follow Up$40$55$70$85
Doula Support
Birth Doula$100–300$300–450$600–850$1,200
Postpartum Doula 2-hour intake$30$40–50$60–80$100
Postpartum Doula Hourly (4 hour minimum)$15$12–18$20–30$35
Postpartum Overnight (9–10 hours***)$80$100–150$175–275$315
*** Includes time before and after family sleep to connect with family and gather info about current needs
Support Groups$2$6$12$18

Income Guidelines (Chart B)

(To determine your tier, Open Circle staff will evaluate both income and resources. When applying, include income information and documentation from anyone contributing money to living expenses.)

Number of Family Members
(including baby in womb)
≤100% FPL
(Tier 1)
≤138% FPL
(Tier 2)
≤250% FPL
(Tier 3)
>250% FPL
(Tier 4)
By Annual Income
By Monthly Income