Mission + Vision

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“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”
~ Coretta Scott King

Our Mission:

Our mission is two-fold:

  1. To provide financially accessible, high-quality education, advocacy, and mindfulness-based wellness services to pregnant, birthing and new families. And to providing culturally-humble education based on an understanding of the science of reproductive health and child-development, and an awareness of the vital wisdoms of diverse cultural practices and traditions.
  2. To advocate for society-wide policies and practices that support the health of all families and support reduction of health disparities and inequalities.

Our mission in direct work with families is to provide respectful, compassionate and financially accessible services that support:

  • empowered leadership of their own care + increased self-advocacy skills
  • parenting skills and knowledge of infant, young child + parent development
  • increased health for the entire family
  • reduction of maternal + fetal morbidity and mortality
  • reduction of mental and emotional trauma connected with birth + parenting
  • access to care throughout every stage and transition in the perinatal period
  • access to networks and supports to prevent families from “falling through the cracks” of social support and care systems

Our mission in policy work is to directly advocate for and guide our clientele to speak-up for:

  • Nationwide care that is respectful, non-biased and aware of religious, cultural, sexual + gender orientation and socio-economic diversity
  • An end to obstetric violence of all kinds
  • Societal and financial support of sister organizations serving communities facing inequality and injustice
  • Full access to perinatal health and support systems regardless of socio-economic resources

Teaching Hiatus

Thank you for visiting Open Circle and your interest in our center. We will be taking a teaching hiatus beginning in April 2024.*

While away from teaching, we are preparing a self-paced version of our unique, experiential-based childbirth and parenting education courses.

Kaeli will continue to see a small number of families for consultations and doula care. For other services, we invite you to visit our local resources page to explore classes and supports from local providers with a range of specialties.

Over the past 20 years, we have been nourished and had our work deepened through sharing time with each of you who has come through our doors. It has been an honor to witness new birth and community between families grow.

As we enter our own process of gestation, transformation and eventual re-birth, we would love to continue to support thriving connection. We’d love to hear about your family’s adventures, reflections on your experiences at the center, and to reconnect you to other families you met while at Open Circle. Let’s connect!

*Birth Education ending 4/7, Prenatal Yoga ending 4/28

Community Building:

Open Circle believes in the potential of building healthy community that celebrates both the differences and similarities in our human experience. We have witnessed how shared experiences in pregnancy, childbirth and parenting have the power to create connections between people from different backgrounds and belief systems. We have also seen how sharing space that highlights the truth of our different experiences can align more people to becoming involved in vital justice and equality work in our maternity care system and broader communities.

We acknowledge that it is important that women and families are able to receive care from within their own community. The level of knowledge and shared life experience of those who truly know us is irreplaceable. Simultaneously, it is important that families can access respectful care in every setting they choose to be in. We hope that we can offer a safe and respectful space for any family who choses to access our care.  When appropriate, we work to help connect families to sister organizations from within their own communities when this is what they seek.

Throughout the history of this country, there have been significant divisions in our local and national communities, built on a long history of inequality, injustice, abuse and a system of white supremacy. This history continues to particularly harm women and people of color and those with limited social and financial resources. Perhaps this can no more clearly be seen than in the health inequities and disparities suffered by mothers and babies throughout the United States.

We hope by working together to rise up and demand better – for our own families and simultaneously for all sisters, mothers, daughters and families — that we can create change that is vitally needed. We hope that sharing the labor in planting of seeds of awareness, connection and compassion may help bridge differences and build solidarity and direct action in our world.



We welcome families from all backgrounds, cultures, traditions and sexual + gender orientations. Open Circle seeks to ensure that its education and wholistic services are accessible to any person or family who seeks utilize them. Through offering an income-based fee structure we seek to contribute to breaking the pattern of these services only been available to a small, privileged sector. Alongside accessibility, it is our goal to offer culturally humble and respectful care to any family that joins us. We welcome the input and critique of families joining our community, and will work to correct areas of unintentional bias or inequality within our teaching, offerings and community. Let us know how we can do better!