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Due to the recent increases in COVID infection rates, all Prenatal Yoga classes will be held virtually for the month of January. In-person / Hybrid classes are expected to return in February 2022.

Open Circle is an education and wellness center for expecting and expanding families. We offer in-person and online childbirth and parenting education workshops, and pregnancy fitness + yoga classes. Additionally, we specialize in virtual dial-a-doula and parenting consultations, pregnancy, post-birth, and infant massage therapy, and acupuncture for the whole family.

Our commitment is to ALL families. To help families use our services, our program costs are income-and-resource based, allowing mothers and families of all financial means, to participate in education, holistic care, and supportLearn more.

Our History: For the past 17 years, Open Circle has served families through Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts as a brick-and-mortar wellness center, seeing over 3000 families come through our doors. The pandemic has sadly forced the closure of our physical center. Transitioning to an online and now hybrid center has allowed us to reach more families throughout the US, and provide a community space that acknowledges and celebrates both our differences and shared experiences while supporting the health of all families.

Open Circle supports the whole family with newborn care and mom and baby yoga in Providence, Rhode Island.

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Open Circle provides childbirth education in Providence, Rhode Island.

About Us

Learn more about the mission and vision of our center and growing community.

Open Circle provides childbirth education, doulas, postpartum doulas in Providence, Rhode Island.

Pregnancy + Birth

Classes, therapies and doula services to support the pregnant woman and her family: yoga, dance, massage therapy, support groups, education, advocacy and more.

Open Circle provides postpartum support, mom and baby yoga, newborn care classes in Providence, Rhode Island.

Parent + Baby

Classes, therapies and doula support for the new family: yoga and dance, massage therapy, support groups, education, advocacy, breastfeeding support and more.

Open Circle provides childbirth education, massage therapy, prenatal yoga, and mom and baby yoga in Providence Rhode Island.

Wellness Services

Services to support families during the childbearing year and beyond: Yoga + Fitness, Massage Therapy, Education, Doula Services, Support Groups

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