Our Services

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Open Circle offers mindfulness-based holistic services, education and advocacy to support the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of expecting women and new families. Our classes, groups and therapies seek to help parents and families develop tools for happier, healthier and more resilient living. More information about our services can be found below.

Yoga & Fitness

Expectant mothers explore the changes their bodies are undergoing, and prepare for the brilliant and intense experience of childbirth and mothering. Classes focus on providing structural support during pregnancy and preparing for labor.

Doula Services

Work with professionals trained to support families during birth and after the baby is born. Doulas work independently with families to provide informational, emotional, physical and practical support.

Prenatal Massage

Therapeutic massage specially structured to decrease the common physical discomforts of pregnancy, help prepare the body for labor, and support faster healing after labor.

Support Groups

Groups for parents and parents-to-be providing support and information in an inclusive community setting. We have groups for: New Mothers, New Fathers, LGBT Parents, Parents of Ill or Special Needs, Pregnancy and Loss, Parenting, and Fertility Support.

Birth Education

Join other expecting families to explore the journey of birth and prepare for your newborn’s arrival. Learn through experiential exercises, mindfulness practices and theory. Discover how to be empowered in your choices and experience, while letting go to the uncontrollable nature of birth and parenting.

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