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“To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow.”
~ Maya Angelou

Kaeli supported me through every step of my pregnancy – she’s not just an experienced and responsive massage therapist but an attentive listener, a restorative healer and a teacher. She helped me to relax, build my confidence in preparation for birth, and connect with my body during this crazy and magical time.

A.G., Providence, RI

Life for parents of babies is intense! At times you may feel confident, and at other times clueless or frustrated. You may delight in your miraculous baby’s soft skin one moment, and the very next wonder if you will ever get to do things for yourself again. You may ask yourself, do other mothers, partners or siblings feel this way, too?

Parent + baby Education, Yoga + Fitness, Breastfeeding Classes and Community Support Groups provide time for you, your partner, and your baby to receive knowledgeable support and care. Here, in connection to other families, you can discover that you are not alone in your experience, and can learn tools for self, baby and family care.

Postpartum (after birth) massage therapy and acupuncture sessions provide time for parents to relax deeply and receive therapies that support health and healing. Home-based sessions are offered for the first three weeks after birth. Thereafter you are welcome to bring your non-crawling baby to the center when you have a private appointment.

©Copyright 2017 Providence Photographer

—  Parent & Baby Services  —

©Copyright 2017 Providence Photographer

Yoga + Fitness

Classes provide parents (or caregivers) a relaxed space to connect with their babies and other parents. Classes explore the physical and emotional joys and work to ease the challenges of caring for an infant.

Doula Services

Work with professionals trained to support families during birth and after the baby is born. Doulas work independently with families to provide informational, emotional, physical and practical support.

Postnatal Massage

Therapeutic massage specially structured to support faster healing after labor and ease the physical aspects of caring for an infant.

Support Groups

Groups for parents and parents-to-be providing support and information in an inclusive community setting. We have groups for: New Mothers, New Fathers, LGBT Parents, Parents of Ill or Special Needs, Pregnancy and Loss, Parenting, and Fertility Support.

Newborn Education

Join other expecting and new families to prepare for, and adjust to, life with a new baby. Learn how self-care practices and understanding newborn needs and infant-development can help you care better for your baby, yourself and your family.

Partner Professionals

Open Circle’s Independent Partner Professionals offer additional holistic services to our clientele, including: acupuncture, bodywork, nutritional and herbal counseling, family sleep support, and more.