How much you will pay for a class or service will depend on your family’s income and resources (savings, investments, retirement plans and home equity), as well as your specific circumstances. Income for anyone contributing to household living expenses is considered.

There are four different payment tiers.  Chart A (below) will help you understand the costs for services in each tier. Chart B will help you explore out which tier your family’s income may qualify you for (after a review of income and resources by our team). Please feel free to call or email us for support to figure out your family’s tier.
Learn more about why we offer Income-Based Pricing.

The process to apply is quite simple:

  • For tiers 1 and 2, provide copies of your last year’s income tax return and 4 consecutive pay stubs (for anyone contributing to household costs). Depending on your specific situation, you may also be asked to fill out our Reduced Rate Application.
  • For tier 3, please submit your last income tax return, 4-consecutive pay stubs and the Reduced Rate Application form.
  • For tier 4, no documentation is required.

Finding a place that I could comfortably afford was wonderful! Being pregnant comes with many adjustments both physically and emotionally. I’ve utilized the prenatal massage a couple of times and it’s absolutely amazing. The time and dedication does not lessen because you’re utilizing the tiered payment. I’ve always felt comfortable and treated with the utmost respect!

KG, Providence

Cost of Services by Tier

ServiceTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4
Educational Classes
7-week Birthing Series$50$100$200–300$375*
3-hour Childbirth Education Workshop$20$40$50–65$75
5-week Infant Massage Series$25$50$85$125
2.5 hour Private Childbirth Educationn/an/an/a$140
* $350 when registered 30 days in advance.
Yoga & Fitness Classes
Individual Class$2$5$10$16
Individual Parent + Baby Class$2$5$12$18
10-class card$20$45$100$140
20-class card$40$95$200$240
Monthly Unlimitedn/an/an/a$70
6-week Series$20$30$60$96
8-week Series$30$40$80$125
Monthly Unlimited Membership**n/an/an/a$80
** 6 month auto-pay contract. Unlimited weekly yoga + fitness classes and 10% off all bodywork and education workshops.
Massage Therapy | Thai Massage
60 Minute Massage$35$45$75$95
90 Minute Massage$50$75$100$125
120 Minute Thai Massagen/an/an/a$165
5-week Infant Massage Series$25$50$85$125
Private Infant Massage Class$20$30$40$50
Doula Support
Birth Doula$100–300$300–450$600–850$1,200
Postpartum Doula 2-hour intake$30$40–50$60–80$100
Postpartum Doula Hourly (4 hour minimum)$10$12–18$20–30$35
Postpartum Overnight (9–10 hours***)$80$100–150$175–275$315
*** Includes time before and after family sleep to connect with family and gather info about current needs
Support Groups$2$6$12$18

2017 Income Guidelines

(Must include income and documentation from anyone contributing money to household expenses.)

Number of Family Members
(including baby in womb)
≤100% FPL
(Tier 1)
≤138% FPL
(Tier 2)
≤250% FPL
(Tier 3)
>250% FPL
(Tier 4)
By Annual Income
By Monthly Income
Income Documentation Requirements
Tier One: prior year's taxes or 4 consecutive paystubs
Tier Two: prior year's taxes or 4 consecutive paystubs
Tier Three: prior year's taxes or 4 consecutive paystubs, Reduced rate application
Tier Four: No documentation requested