Income-Based Pricing

How much you will pay for a class or service will depend on your income and your family’s needs. There are four different payment tiers; your family will qualify for a specific tier.  Chart A (below) will help you understand the costs for services in each tier. Chart B will help you figure out which tier your family’s income qualifies you for.

The process to apply is quite simple:

  • For tiers 1 and 2, provide copies of your last year’s income tax return and 4 consecutive pay stubs (for anyone contributing to household costs). Depending on your specific situation, you may also be asked to fill out our Reduced Rate Application.
  • For tier 3, please submit your last income tax return, 4-consecutive pay stubs and the Reduced Rate Application form.
  • For tier 4, no documentation is required.

Cost of Services by Tier

ServiceTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4
Educational Classes
7-week Birthing Series$50$100$200–300$350*
3-hour Childbirth Education Workshop$20$40$50–65$75
5-week Infant Massage Series$25$45$50–100$120
2.5 hour Private Childbirth Educationn/an/an/a$140
Yoga & Fitness Classes
Individual Class$2$5$10$16
Individual Parent + Baby Class$2$5$12$18
10-class card$20$45$100$140
20-class card$40$95$200$240
Monthly Unlimitedn/an/an/a$70
6-week Series$20$30$60$96
8-week Series$30$40$80$125
Monthly Unlimited Membership*n/an/an/a$80
* 6 month auto-pay contract. Unlimited weekly yoga + fitness classes and 10% off all bodywork and education workshops.
Massage Therapy | Thai Massage
60 Minute Massage$35$45$75$95
90 Minute Massage$50$75$100$125
120 Minute Thai Massagen/an/an/a$165
5-week Infant Massage Series$25$50$85$125
Private Infant Massage Class$20$30$40$50
Doula Support
Birth Doula$100–300$300–450$600–850$1,200
Postpartum Doula Hourly$8$10$20$35
Overnight (12 hours)$60$100$150$250
20 hour Postpartum Package$160$200$300$400
Support Groups$2$6$12$18

2017 Income Guidelines

(Must include income and documentation from anyone contributing money to household expenses.)

Number of Family Members
(including baby in womb)
≤100% FPL
(Tier 1)
≤138% FPL
(Tier 2)
≤250% FPL
(Tier 3)
>250% FPL
(Tier 4)
By Annual Income
By Monthly Income
Income Documentation Requirements
Tier One: prior year's taxes or 4 consecutive paystubs
Tier Two: prior year's taxes or 4 consecutive paystubs
Tier Three: prior year's taxes or 4 consecutive paystubs, Reduced rate application
Tier Four: No documentation requested