Policies & Forms



Open Circle policies are created to help you feel supported and respected at our center. If you have any questions or concerns about our policies or your experience at the center, please let us know (email link) – we will do our very best to answer your questions and remedy any concerns.


All private appointments or private workshops require 24-hour notice of cancellation, except in the case of emergencies or sudden-onset illness. Appointments given less than 24 hours cancellation notice will be billed at the full session or workshop fee.

If your teacher or practitioner must cancel, she will do so with 24 hours advanced notice, except in the case of emergency or sudden-onset illness. If she must cancel in less than 24 hours, because of emergency, you will be offered $20 off your next session.


Your practitioner or teacher will inform you of the length of your session. If you arrive late, your practitioner or teacher will give you a complete session if they are able. If not, the session will end at the time originally scheduled.

Your practitioner or teacher will make every effort to begin your session on time. If he/she begins it late you will be offered the option of a complete session that day, or a longer session making up for missed time for your next appointment.


Massage Therapy: everything discussed or shared with your practitioner before, during or after your session is kept in strict confidence. The only exception being if your practitioner learns something during your session that causes them to believe you or another person are at risk of serious harm. In such a case, your practitioner will contact a professional trained to work in such situations.

Classes and Workshops: Teachers are expected to respect student privacy and confidentiality. Any information shared in private will not be shared in group settings or with other individuals without direct permission of the individual involved.

Prenatal + Postpartum Information + Policies*

*please visit our FAQ section on the website for answers to other common questions

It is our intent to provide you with a safe and nurturing experience during and/or after your pregnancy. There are some conditions we need to be aware of in order to keep our therapies, classes and workshops safe for you and your baby.

We require prenatal and postpartum women to complete a Pregnancy/Postpartum health history form. We encourage you to discuss your interest in massage or classes with your provider, to learn whether they have any concerns or restrictions. If you have any high-risk conditions, had health complications arise during your labor or birth, or have not yet seen your practitioner for your 6-week postpartum follow-up appointment, we also require their written release. (See forms) Please bring all releases to your first session.

If your healthcare worker would like to speak to us directly about concerns or modifications, please provide him or her with a written release. He or she is welcome to call Kaeli Sutton at 401-338-5466, or to email kaeli@opencircleRI.com.

Massage therapy and educational classes during pregnancy or postpartum are not intended to replace prenatal or postpartum medical care. If you are having trouble finding medical care, please let us know and we will help refer you to a practitioner or organization so that you receive the respectful care you and your baby both need and deserve.

Common Questions

When is it safe to participate?
Pregnancy massage, yoga, and dance are beneficial throughout pregnancy, but must be modified for safety according to stage of pregnancy and individual conditions. Labor massage can be given at the discretion of your prenatal healthcare provider. Postpartum massage can begin 24 hours after delivery, with provider release. Postpartum yoga and dance classes are recommended after the baby is at least 4 weeks old and participation should be approved by your provider. For yoga or exercise classes before 4-6 weeks postpartum, we provide private sessions and require a release from your provider.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduced stress / increased relaxation
  • Increased confidence / well-being
  • Relief of muscle spasms, fatigue and joint pain
  • relieve of back, neck, hips, leg and foot pain
  • Increased circulation / decreased swelling
  • Improved comfort breathing
  • Improved digestion and elimination
  • Increased strength
  • Emotional support
  • Preparation for labor
  • Postpartum healing support
  • Increased abdominal and pelvic floor health
  • Understanding emotional + physical self-care
  • Infant care and breastfeeding support
  • Support in learning your rights and options
  • Support making decisions that are right for your specific family
  • Community of pregnant and postpartum families


Below you will find a list of forms to complete for participation in our classes or services. When registering for classes, your space will be held once payment has been received. Forms can be emailed to us, uploaded directly to your MindBody account (link to instructions), or brought in in person.

Please note that all forms are kept confidential after we receive them, but privacy while being transmitted cannot be fully guaranteed.